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Design features
Fixed seating solutions are complex organisms. It requires special expertize and understanding to produce results that are refined from every perspective. With extensive investments in long-term product developement we wanted to bring uncompromising class, comfort & function to all future projects. Years later we’re proud to say that we succeeded in our efforts. All our models require the very minimum depth when the seatrests are folded up, which means more space between the rows for the users. This achieved extra space also enables more freedom for designing other structures: We can create fixed tablerows in spaces where only very few can. Our FullFold model can fold even to 10cm creating totally new options for designing multipurpose hall and telescopic systems. Ultra slim, yet provenly rigid leg structure makes a lofty impression and ensures easy cleaning of the floors. All details are carefully thought to meet the highest ergonomic, built quality and esthetic standards.

Model range: A base for customizing
Our models offer excellent means for tailoring. All dimensions, geometry, materials, colors and finishing as well as textile and upholstery options will be tailored according to the customer’s wishes and site’s requirements. There are various options for seatrests, handrests and folding/fixed writing tables. All models can also be equipped with tilting mechanism of the beam modules to meet the needs of multipurpose halls and telescopic mechanisms.